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3 Point Grading System

Premium price action indicator available on Tradingview platform  


Helps You to Quickly Screen for data-points relevant for Intraday Trading.

What is StableFork ?

The All-In-One Trend Trading System

The StableFork  indicator combines powerful price action analysis and sophisticated algorithmic data analysis to provide traders with high-accuracy chart analysis and support the decision-making process by generating Buy and Sell signals along with realistic targets and trailing stop loss levels.

Our Features

StableFork  is an accurate and efficient  trend trading indicator which will show you when to Buy/Sell, and when to book profit or loss.

Buy & Sell

This indicator reads price action and  will show you a safe Buy and Sell signal according to our advanced algorithm reading.The end user is free to use Normal Candle , Heikin – Ashi or line charts as per their convenience.  

Automatic Average Directional Movement Index (ADX) 

The indicator comes with inbuilt plugin for ADX and displays dynamic information relating to the strength of the current trend. ADX is an integral part of  per our highly accurate 3point grading system. 

What you’ll get:

  1. Complete StableFork indicator suite 
  2. On subscribing , clients get access to our premium telegram channel where we share are   best 4 stock selection for intraday trading before market opening. 
  3. Nifty Setup and live trade alerts on telegram as per the 3 Point Grading System along with targets and trade management. 
  4. Live Telegram trade setup alerts in the shortlisted stocks along with targets and trade management.  
  5. Works for TradingView (Windows and Mac) on both free and paid accounts 
  6. Automatic Buy/Sell Signals  
  7.  Advanced Signal Bars
  8. Clear Buy / Sell Signals on Charts along with book profit and stop loss levels 
  9.  Realistic Target Settings suitable to Intraday Trading
  10.  Risk Reward 1:3
  11.  Custom Alerts on SMS , Email and TradingView App
  12. PDF manual with step-by-step instructions
  13.  Use on multiple computers and accounts
  14. Monthly subscription / Quarterly subscription 

Indicator alerts

Indicator also supports built in TradingView alert system, Now you can get automated trade alerts from the indicator on screen , your phone , email and SMS . The indicator also compatible with popular API based algo trading platform using the webhook function.  

Exchanges, Stocks & Forex

StableFork  Indicator supports all exchanges, all coins and best of all, it supports Stocks and Forex.  Wherever there are candles, our indicator will help you make wise trading decisions.

StableFork Telegram Signals

StableFork Signals are based on advanced algorithm that monitors and tracks all and any selected symbols. The indicator can be easily used with popular telegram alert APIs for live on the go trade alerts. The Algo runs 24/7 and automatically puts the signals into Telegram. Our signals run efficiently  with bots that are automated,. Basically any bot that reads Telegram Signals will work.

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Frequently asked questions

Does the indicator works in free trading view account?

Yes It works fine in a free tradingview account, however in a free account there will be some limitations on setting Alerts and the number of free indicators one can use per chart.

What is trading view id / username – ?

You can find your user name in the profile settings menu in TradingView

Access for how many days?

Depends on the plan you have subscribed for , if someone has chosen 1 month then he/she will have access to both the indicator and SFT telegram channel for 1 month.

Does the indicator works on nifty and banknifty?

Yes it does , the indicator is going to work on any instrument whose chart is available on TradingView.

Does the indicator works on commodity? & what timeframe for commodity?

Yes it does and for commodities we will recommend using 15 min charts and same rules of 3pgs for more stable trades.

Can I use this indicator on currency pairs?

Yes you can

What is 3pgs?

The 3 point grading system , is a grading mechanism we have developed for judging the strength of a signal. The system involves looking at a recent 5 min signal from the indicator , along with it we observe if there has been a crossover in ADX. If the 2 conditions have been satisfied we look at +/- DI being above 25 levels to execute the trades.

Does the indicator works in mobile applications?

Yes it does

Does the indicator works on Zerodha or any other broker trading view chart?

No the indicator only works on Tradingview platform.

How many indicator i will get?

You will be given access to a) StableFork Price Action Indicator and b) StableFork ADX plugin – which is a requirement of the 3 point grading system
Along with access to the indicator you shall be added to our private telegram group where we share our daily stock selection. These stocks are shortlisted after a long screening process and give trending moves and suit the indicator the most.

I am using Free version on tradingview it will work on that or i should take a primium versions?

it will work smoothly on free version too, you can use 3 indicators
in free version

Can i use the indicators cash market also?


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For inquiries and subscriptions please join our Telegram channel or click on the telegram icon to send us a direct message right away. 

Stable Fork ∆ 3PGS System

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Stablefork ADX

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